Became famous from the movie Power Rangers

Became famous from the movie Power Rangers

Emma Lahana is an actress and is mostly known for her roles in the series “Haven” and “Power Rangers Dino Thunder”.

Lahana was born on 27 June 1984 in Auckland of New Zealand. She started acting with the encouragement of her parents. Growing up, she enjoyed music and dance and her first memories include trying to imitate people she saw on television, like Judy Garland and Michael Jackson. Lahana enrolled in ballet at the age of three.

Lahana firstly appeared in the television series “Scotland Street” in 1992. In 2003 she appeared in the movie “You Wish!” as Fiona.

In 2004, Lahana got her first big role in the television series “Power Rangers Dino Thunder” as the Yellow Power Ranger. This was her breakthrough as she later on became known. She also got the same role in the next season “Power Rangers S.P.D.” in 2005.

Her next appearance was in 2007 in the movie “Nobody” as Kara. Then she appeared on major TV success series “Supernatural”. Some more appearances include the TV series “Kyle XY”, “Power Rangers Operation Overdrive”, “Whistler”, “Stargate: Atlantis” and the “The L Word”.

In 2008 Lahana appeared in the movie “Girlfriend Experience” and in 2009 in the movie “Ratko: The Dictator’s Son”. She continued then in series “Psych” and “The Guard” while appearing in the 2009 movie “Polar Storm”. In 2010 she appeared in the 12 of the 22 episodes of the TV series “Hellcats” and then in the movies “Trading Christmas” (2011) and “Big Time Movie” (2012).

Afterwards, in 2013 she appeared in six episodes of the series “Arctic Air” and in the movie “Afterparty” as Hailey.
Lahana, in 2013, also appeared in the television series “Haven” as Jennifer Mason. The series won 14 nominations.