His ultimate goal is to revolutionise space travel

His ultimate goal is to revolutionise space travel

Theodore Mouratidis studies a double degree in aerospace engineering and physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

He started his degree in Monash University in 2011 but after two years he transferred to the prestigious American university and he is one of the 20 people worldwide and only Australian to be accepted in the transfer application pool.

Mouratidis’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize space travel by developing a conceptually new space propulsion system, which is efficient, safe and viable and this will be the research topic of his PhD, when he reaches that level.

After this, he would love to work in the space industry, and specifically in the spacecraft propulsion design sector. Mouratidis interest in space and rockets started from the early age of four-year old.

“I used to build Lego rockets from when I was four years old,” he said.

Except of his interest in space he is also a power lifter and he is ranked in the top 10 strongest 22-year-olds worldwide as a power lifter. Mouratidis also runs the motivational website Achieving Purpose and is a long-time contributor to humanitarian projects in Third World countries. Through his website, he wants to help, inspire, motivate and drive people to achieve purpose in their lives and to achieve any goals they have in life, however big or small.