4 Greeks in Donald Trump’s team

4 Greeks in Donald Trump’s team

New US President Donald Trump had chosen as companions in the difficult election period 4 Greeks who contributed to the great election victory.

George Papadopoulos


He is a part of Trump’s foreign policy team. Papadopoulos, a 2009 graduate of DePaul University, directs an international energy center at the London Center of International Law Practice. He previously advised the presidential campaign of Ben Carson and worked as a research fellow at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has had meetings with the president of Cyprus and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. He obtained a masters’s degree from the University of London in 2010.

George Gigicos


George Gigicos is Trump’s director of advance operations and was one of the first associates in Donald Trump’s team. His owns Telion company. TELION is a comprehensive, event based communications firm specializing in event management and design, public relations, media affairs and advance operations. He partners with corporations, associations, government, political and religious entities to successfully assist in the management of their meetings, conferences, incentive programs and special events.

Reince Priebus


Reinhold Reince Priebus is the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Born to a Greek mother and a German father, Priebus is had the difficult task to unite the Republicans in order to endorse Trump.

Christos Marafatsos


Marafatsos has been selected to represent the Greek and Cypriot American community on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Marafatsos’ role was to advise the Coalition and the Republican National Committee on the issues, struggles and accomplishments of the Greek and Cypriot American community.

“We support Donald Trump and his solutions to strengthen communities, foster job creation, support small businesses, and support faith and family principles with conservative action,” says Marafatsos.

The National Diversity Coalition features representatives from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups, including Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, Asian-Americans, Koreans, and Greeks. Many of the representatives are well known and successful, according to Marafatsos. Marafatsos is the president and founder of Blue Sky Capital, an investment brokerage and consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. An active entrepreneur, he was named Third Best Entrepreneur in America under the age of 25 by Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek in 2011.



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  1. bart kitover

    These brilliant men should help Donald on foreign policy in the future

    • Constantine Monos

      As a Greek-American that is proud of the many contributions Greece has made to western civilization, Voices for Trump represents a modern version of Ephialtes – who betrayed Leonidas’ 300 Spartans; betraying your homeland and values, in hope of receiving some kind of reward. All this for a demagogue who promotes dictators (including Erdogan), shuns democracies and is endorsed by Greece’s Neo-Nazi group – Golden Dawn. In the year marking the 80th anniversary of Greece’s courageous efforts to thwart Hitler, I assure you that this Greek-American will do everything I can to alert the Greek-American Community to the “ephialtic threat” Trump presents.

      One of the individuals mentioned in this article was jailed, two were removed within six months, and the fourth “young entrepreneur” co-chairs the National Diversity Council for Trump. NDC for Trump promotes “opportunity zones” (OZs) for minorities. Those that have worked many years in under-served communities, like myself, know OZs are mostly get rich programs for the wealthy. There are many great Greek Americans doing wonderful work; whose positions and contributions are not self-serving. One of whom is Ms. Townsend who is way to smart to involve herself with 45’s Administration.

  2. George Georgountzos

    You’re missing likely cabinet pick Frances Frangos Townsend

  3. Ernest Anthony


    • By elder do you mean social security recipients? If so, you are wrong; there have been raises during the past eight years.

  4. John C Scurtis

    As an American of Greek Heritage I am pleased to see so many Greek Names on the Trump list. George Gigicos a friend and fellow Archon has served the campaign well and I look forward to watching his progress as he works with the
    President Elect.

  5. Theodora Chichi

    Congratulations to all.
    God Bless the USA

  6. Theodora Chichi

    St.Demetrios, Astoria, New York
    NYU & Montclair State

  7. John Vasilakos

    5 Greek Americans working in theTrump Campaign!! How many who went and supported President Elect Trump from the beginning?

  8. Congratulations for your victory
    Job well-done
    I do not think that they will ha e the abillity to help Greece from their positions.
    Even at this moment Turkey is bulling Greece by air or sea.
    You see Greece is the mouce

    • Rodopoulos Panagiotis

      Can you explain me in more details what do you mean by saying that as the time came then the lion needed help from the mouse????

  9. Mr. Christian

    Read Daniel chapter 8 and see if it is talking about this exact group of people.

  10. Constantine Monos

    What disgrace these four individuals, with ethnic ties to the birthplace of democracy have amassed since this article appeared. My hope that after nearly four years of corruption, division and ineptitude that threatens all that was good about America that these individuals are/will doing something more productive than supporting a demagogue whose policies have exponentially increased the power of President Erdogan of Turkey, threatening both Greece and Cyprus. Let’s review the current profile of some of the individuals mentioned here:

    George Papadopoulos – pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court to making false statements to FBI agents relating to contacts he had with agents of the Russian government while working for the Trump campaign. Despite his hilarious self-promotion campaigns, he has been dismissed by officials in Cyprus and the President himself as “someone they do not know or remember”.

    Reince Priebus – unceremoniously removed from his position as Trumps’s first-of-many Chiefs of Staff, after six months. In a move to remove the stench of his association with this president he recently enlisted in the US Navy.

    George Gigico – much like Priebus either dismissed/resigned from a White House appointment after six months. He appears to have found a candidate for Parliament; “someone that can stir the pot like Trump”. After years of terrific economic challenges is now doing much better; in fact, unlike our president, managed to mitigate the first onslaught of Covid-19.

    Christos Morafatsos – a young entrepreneur climbing the ladder making a buck – nothing wrong with that; and co-founder of the Greek Voices for Trump espousing the notion that the current president and his administration are “promoting global peace, stability, security, and prosperity, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean region”. I can assure that no one I know in Cyprus or Greece shares his view; and that nothing could be further from the truth. Trump’s policies or lack thereof have done nothing but another autocrat, President Erdogan, who continues to drill off the coast of Cyprus and threatens Greece. I understand how a businessman like Mr. Morafatsos sees personal benefit in his support of Mr. Trump , in particular ill-conceived corporate tax cuts, loosening of labor and environmental regulations. However, I would respectfully ask him to stop insulting those of us who know the facts before promoting nonsense that this president is a friend of Greece and Cyprus.

    Constantinos Monos