The Greeks who excelled globally in September

The Greeks who excelled globally in September

For yet another month Greeks from all over the world, managed to excel, to abolish the borders and make us proud with their achievements. The team chose 5 of them, who during the month September caused international sensation with the work and personality.

1.George Paxinos


The British Medical Association gave the award for “Best Illustrated Book” of 2015 to Atlas of the Human Brain, Fourth Edition, authored by Juergen Mai, Milan Majtanik, and the Greek Professor George Paxinos. The first edition of the book received The Award for Excellence in Publishing in Medical Science from the Association of American Publishers in 1997. Read more…

2.Aris Messinis

messinis award

The Greek photographer Aris Messinis won the Visa d’Or news photography prize for his coverage of the mass arrival of migrants on the island of Lesbos last year. Aris Messinis works for the French news agency AFP and has won prizes before for images taken in war zones. Read more…

3.Daphne Matziaraki


Matziaraki’s film won in the documentary category of the Student Academy Awards, in which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selects the best student films in the country. The Student Oscars will be awarded in Los Angeles in September. The Academy has voted 17 students as winners of the 43rd Student Academy Awards competition. The Academy received a record number of entries this year – 1,749 films from 286 domestic and 95 international colleges and universities – which were voted by a record number of Academy members. Read more…

4.Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas 

New DNA research from an international team of scientists shows the ancestors of Aboriginal Australians and Papua New Guineans diverged from Eurasian populations between 51,000 and 72,000 years ago and that there is huge genetic diversity among Aboriginals. Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas is the first author of the paper. Read more…

5.Alexandra Touroutoglou


A study conducted by researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) led by a Greek scientist has revealed something interesting: elderly people who are able to retain sharp memories have brains that look like they haven’t aged in decades. Alexandra Touroutoglou of MGH Neurology and HMS, who co-authored the research with MGH Department of Neurology Frontotemporal Disorders Unit Director Bradford Dickerson, MD, and MGH Department of Psychiatry’s Lisa Feldman Barrett, PhD, the study observed 40 adults aged 60 to 80 years old. Read more…

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