The Greeks who excelled globally in July

The Greeks who excelled globally in July

For yet another month Greeks from all over the world, managed to excel, to abolish the borders and make us proud with their achievements. The team chose 4 of them, who during the month July caused international sensation with the work and personality.

1.Kostas Athanasiadis


A Greek Australian engineer has been included in the list of Australia’s 60 Most Innovative Engineers issued by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering. Published for the first time, the prestigious list showcases the breadth of innovation across multiple disciplines and sectors. Read more…

2.Panagiotis Artemiadis


A Greek researcher at Arizona State University has discovered how to control multiple robotic drones using the human brain. A controller wears a skull cap outfitted with 128 electrodes wired to a computer. The device records electrical brain activity. If the controller moves a hand or thinks of something, certain areas light up. Read more…

3.Christos Tsirogiannis


Another success for the Greek hunter of stolen antiquities. The black-figure amphora from the 5th century BC, was in the auction list scheduled by the house Christie’s for Wednesday, July 6th, 2016. The object was withdrawn, as a Greek forensic archaeologist who is researching antiquities smuggling networks and the market for looted cultural objects revealed that it was a stollen artifact. Professor Christos Tsirogiannis, archaeologist researcher at Cambridge University, identified the amphora. Read more…

4.Dimitrios Giannios

Dimitrios Giannios1

Radio astronomers have used a radio telescope network the size of the Earth to zoom in on a unique phenomenon in a distant galaxy: a jet activated by a star being consumed by a supermassive black hole. The record-sharp observations reveal a compact and surprisingly slowly moving source of radio waves, with details published in a paper in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The results were presented at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Athens, Greece. Read more…

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