The Greeks who excelled globally in June

The Greeks who excelled globally in June

For yet another month Greeks from all over the world, managed to excel, to abolish the borders and make us proud with their achievements. The team chose 3 of them, who during the month June caused international sensation with the work and personality.

1.Georgios Giannakis


University of Minnesota Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Georgios Giannakis has been awarded a prestigious McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair by University President Eric Kaler. This is one of the University’s highest faculty awards. Professor Giannakis, who also serves as director of the University’s Digital Technology Center, is only the third professor in the University’s College of Science and Engineering to receive the honor. Read more…

2. Steven Kalkanis

kalkanis b

Doctors at UCLA, Cleveland Clinic, University of California San Diego School of Medicine and additional institutions have achieved a milestone in the development of a treatment for people with recurrent glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer, by successfully demonstrating a modified virus that can extend the lives of patients with the disease. Among the team a Greek Neurosurgeon, Dr Steven Kalkanis. Read more…

3.Nikiana Simigdala


Statins could be used in the treatment of breast cancer after researchers found it may help prevent the disease returning. A new study from the Institute of Cancer Research, among the team a Greek researcher, has shown that breast cancers use cholesterol to produce a molecule which has the same impact as oestrogen. The molecule – called 25-HC- acts like a fuel to allow cancer cells to keep growing. Read more…

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