The 10 best rivers in Greece for rafting

The 10 best rivers in Greece for rafting

Rafting is a team sport, a recreational outdoor activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. The crew consists of a professional river guide and 6-12 paddlers depending on the size of the raft which is determined by the degree of difficulty of the river and the amount of water. Of course, Greek rivers are ideal to enjoy rafting or canoeing. team presents 10 Greek rivers that will amaze you:

1. Voidomatis – Konitsa


One of the easier and more exciting Greek rivers, ideal for beginners. It is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and in a landscape of outstanding natural beauty. The classic route begins from the bridge of Papigo Aristi and follows a green route in the gorge of Voidomatis River and ends at the exit of the gorge, the bridge Kleidonia.

2. Evinos – Nafpaktia


Easy and pleasant river for beginners. The usual route is 9km. and concludes at Hani Bania.

3. Arachthos – Tzoumerka


It is one of the best rivers for rafting. Arachthos offers unforgettable experiences in the track from the bridge Tsimpovo to the largest arch bridge in the world, the stone bridge of Plaka, that will be fixed in the near future as it was damaged due to floods last year.

4. Venetikos – Grevena


This beautiful river has difficult and easy parts. One of the difficult parts is located between Trikomo bridges and Spanos. The route becomes more striking when we meet the four 16th and 17th century stone bridges, which dominate the beautiful scenery and unite the two banks of the river.

5. Tavropos – Evrytania

A green and very pleasant route that passes by the old stone bridge Viniani, located in part of the river from the Dafni bridge to the village Parkio.

6. Aliakmonas – Macedonia


It has dynamic and striking passages in the beginning near to Nestorio of Kastoria. You’ll see rare birds in that area, such as the black stork and the Grey Heron from the family of herons, cormorants and many ducks.

7. Lucius – Arcadia


One of the most impressive rivers in the country, Lucius is an ideal river for rafters with little experience. The water path length is 8 km. It is entirely within the narrow canyon, where the vegetation is rampant, creating many tunnels points.  Lousios River flows into the Alpheus river. The Alpheus has impressive passages in the gorge and the historic stone bridge of Koukou.

8. Nestos – Drama


It is one of the five largest rivers in Greece. The river is very safe, shallow and quiet, ideal for sports like rafting or canoeing.

9. Acheloos – Thessalia


The natural environment is unique. The steep banks are covered by trees.

10. Aoos – Konitsa


The most endearing route on the Aoos River begins from the Aoos bridge between the villages and Vrisohori and Palioseli and ends on the bridge of Konitsa. The route is demanding, having continuous high difficulty V and VI grades, and the length is 15 km. It last from 4 to 8 hours depending on the river flow. The descent can be done by kayak, monoraft or hot dog. Selected segments of the route with smaller degree of difficulty, especially from the area of ​​the Monastery of Stomio and lower, can be done easily.