5 destinations that will enable the spirit of the holidays

5 destinations that will enable the spirit of the holidays

As Christmas get close, those who will not choose a trip abroad, fortunately have many options for a short break in one of the many picturesque villages of Greece. Perfect for winter trips as they can offer a closer contact with nature, as well as the opportunity to do many different winter sports such as skiing, rafting, kayaking.

Ellines.com team chose five Greek villages, which are very popular in the winter months:



Papigo is one of the 46 villages of the residential, cultural and historical unit of Zagori. The particular layout, the rich vegetation of the region and the unique ferocity of its landscape always draw a lot of visitors from Greece and abroad. Separated in two districts, the Big and the Small, that are built at the foot of Astrakas under the imposing towers and the fabulous Drakolimni, Papigo has a tradition of exceptional hospitality and a particular way of maintaining the land-planning and cultural organisation of the local society.

2. Arachova


Arachova is one of the most popular winter destinations in Greece due to the ski center and due to the fact that it is situated very close to Athens. Nearby Arachova, there are also modern ski facilities, a magnet for visitors. Although contemporary culture tends to flatten the particular folklore of the region, however, the town maintains some local customes and indeed demonstrates them at celebrations take place on 23 April, in the honor of the patron Saint George.

3. Portaria


Portaria in Pelion (Pilio) is one of the most beautiful, interesting and unique traditional villages in this entire region of Central Greece. With its stunning natural beauty, fresh spring waters, impressive traditional mansions and winding cobble-stoned paths, Portaria is surely one of the few places where you can find tranquility and beauty right in the heart of Greece. During the winter season, the Ski Center of Agriolefkes, just a short distance from Portaria, is a very popular destination for visitors.

4. Nimfaio


Nymfaio is a mountain village, situated at 1350 m elevation in the densely forested Verno mountains. The village is protected by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in order to preserve its architectural integrity. The Environmental Centre ARCTUROS is active in the area, and manages an environmental protection center for brown bears and wolves one-and-a-half kilometres from the village.

5. Karpenisi


Karpenisi has all of the elements to satisfy a visitor’s every preference, offering rest and relaxation, action and adventure. It is located in a mountainous area of exceptional natural beauty, rich in vegetation. The traditional architecture has been maintained to a sufficient extent, both in the villages and in the city, with many well-preserved buildings. It has a ski resort and is a popular destination, especially during winter. It is called Switzerland of Greece for the resemblance with the mountainous country and its beauty, atypical for a Mediterranean place.

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