Say YES, instead of NO

Say YES, instead of NO

Make NO, YES for once. Starting today, first think positively instead of beginning with aphorisms again.

YES, see clearly the truth of history, the yesterday and the present one. Yes, proudly, not as a vassal, create tomorrow. YES, because in this piece of land, not everything is black or white. From the deep blue sea to the clear and almost transparent, sky . Even there are clouds and waves, they are also blue.

So many years, you feel proud by saying NO, but let’s be honest, how many «yes to all» do you remember saying loudly? Ensconced on your satin couch of nothing and the money that you had. How many times nodded condescendingly, ultimately lowering the head when they said «it’s for your country » and entire sections of the Constitution were erased, laws were trampled, lives were destroyed, supposedly forgot to read what they signed for you, by  «stealing» your pen, with your own vote as a gun? And still.

This year start saying YES to the «what», the «why», the «how «, that the answer to all their NO will be: to fight, choose the logic, and beat them on your own field: your mind, your home, your street, your argument, your vote.

YES, positively and creatively, without waiting for the other, a messiah, a savior and a leader.

YES, despised and flattened, every “NO”, every denial, every tense. Repeal with doing, large or small, with reason and retort, every edge and its opposite.

YES, stop looking for wars and conflicts and convenient cleverly, cheap and colorful words. Stop searching for enemies, or cause them , so you can exist . it’s a shadow fight, learn that with your funny and little yourself you are fighting, without ever your shadow to shatter . He is bigger, he stabs in the back, and you can’t avoid him.

YES, because the world hasn’t born with denial, not dawned dream, not with a ride with friends.

Today, now, change course and think and organized your YES. Not the easy, the difficult ones. Those which want work, persistence and faith, goals and resources and «together». Those who can change your life .

YES, after 73 years: that YES, it will be your most powerful NO.

Demina Masoula PhD

Strategic Planning Consultant

(Look up and find the blue that your wave define, 26/10/2013 – 12:48:23  – Northeast of Syntagma square. Photo by Deminius)