Defender of Human Rights

Defender of Human Rights

In his autobiography, Nelson Mandela calls George Bizos, «brother», describing him as a child of Greek immigrants, who combines «an emotional character, with an acute mind. He himself does not enjoy the pompous titles, even if he carries deservedly the honorary title «Ambassador of Hellenism» which was awarded to him by the Prefecture of Athens. A title added to the many awards he has received. One of these came in May 2001, when he was named Lawyer of the Year by the Supreme Court in Washington, after a proposal from the International Academy of Lawyers.

In his autobiography titled «Odyssey to Freedom» by George Bizos describes his own lonely and challenging journey, since 1941, when at the age of 13 he leaves by boat from Vasilitsi in Messinia, so as to sail to Crete with his father, who was the Mayor of the Village and seven New Zealand soldiers who he saved  risking his life. Instead of Crete, they arrived in Alexandria of Egypt, where they were carried by a British ship, which collected them after a terrible sea storm and from there to South Africa, where Bizos linked his life with the fate of people of African country.

He adds, instead of a conclusion at the end of the book, «Ithaca» by Constantine P. Cavafy, cause as he says, “any Greek living abroad, carries in him two homes, without being able to say which one he loves the most”.

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