A historic meeting on stage

A historic meeting on stage

On July 29, 1995, at Koenigsplatz square in Munich, Germany, the crowd eye witnessed unique scenes. There, the leading Greek music composer Mikis Theodorakis met on stage Anthony Quinn,  legendary “Zorba the Greek”, in a concert that made history!

The two of them met a few days before,  at an event in the city of Munich, and Mikis Theodorakis invited the famous actor to attend his concert, and dance as well!

When Anthony Quinn, with exuberant enthusiasm, went on stage, Mikis Theodorakis insisted on dancing a syrtaki. Under the sounds of the orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis’ and the astonishing Gregory Tzistoudis playing the bouzouki, Anthony Quinn accepted the challenge and he reminded all, the world-famous scenes from the movie “Zorbas”!

He started dancing his favorite syrtaki and even the great Greek music composer Mikis Theodorakis, started dancing with him!



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  1. Anna Nomikou

    Good afternoon. I was wondering if you know who owns the rights for the above video with Anthony Queen and Mikis Theodorakis. My company is producing a documentary about bouzouki with a special mention to the movie Zorbas, and would very much like permisison to use a small part of it.

    It would be great if you could help!
    Thank you,
    Anna Nomikou