Greek Australian Surfer wins Pro Junior Championship
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Greek Australian Surfer wins Pro Junior Championship

The 16-year-old Jack Robinson from Australia was recently crowned junior world champion in surfing. The championship was held in Hawaii.
He was born on 27th December 1997 and his mother is of Greek origin. His grandparents were from Mytilene.
When video footage of a 10 year-old Jack Robinson started making the rounds, people began to wonder, “who is this little blonde kid! Jack was already threading barrels on waves that were two or three times his size and nailing air reverses better than some of the guys on the world tour.

By his 11th birthday, he was surfing Pipeline in Hawaii at the Second-Reef at eight-to-10 foot.
In 2010 he was featured on the cover of “The Weekend Australian Magazine” and  was described as a potential future “Kelly Slater”, one of the most talanted surfers.
By age 14, in 2012, Jack landed the coveted #1 spot on Surfer Magazine’s annual Hot 100 junior list.


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