American Artist Paints Greek Inspired Murals
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American Artist Paints Greek Inspired Murals

A quick glance at a building such as the one shown in this picture will make you think that a natural disaster occurred however, that is not the case. This is a work of art, a mural that makes the building look like it was destroyed in an earthquake.

These murals are the work of world-renowned American artist, John Pugh, who is known for painting murals called trompe l’oeil because they create the illusion of a three-dimensional painting. Pugh studied at Chico State University in California and started painting his exquisite murals during the 1970s. He currently lives in California but his works can be found in various cities around the world. His art style sparked the term “Narrative Illusionism.”

He is inspired by various subjects from Greek Doric Columns to scenes of nature and sea. Specifically, the picture above depicts one of his most famous works that is painted on the wall of the Chico University Library. The mural is called “Academe” and it creates the illusion that the wall has crumbled, revealing a set of Doric style pillars inside the library.

The artist himself said about his work: “My intention was not only to use the Doric column, a symbol that is easily recognized in our culture, to represent the classic architecture of the Greeks, but to tap into the concept of the Greek academe as the essence of our western educational system.”

John Pugh’s mural can be found in cities all around the world from New Zealand to Hawaii, but mostly in California, his home-state where he has painted on University, theater and even police station walls.

Source: Greekreporter