A Greek Village With Zero Unemployment
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A Greek Village With Zero Unemployment

Milia, is a Greek village located in the mountain of Pindus. It is 12 kilometers away from the city of Metsovo and really close to the Pindus National Park Valia Calda. Milia is known as the Greek village with no unemployment.

“The wood processing and the folk art are a tradition for our village.  These traditions were passed down from one generation to another, “from father to the son,” said Anastasios Koutelidas, the president of the Municipal District. The economy of the village is based on the wood. They use the beech for the folk art and the black pine for the creation of columns. The laboratories are located in basements of houses.

They worked as technicians many years, giving shape to wood, making barrels and a variety of household utensils. Some of them are also inspired by nature and animals like wolves and bears.

“Our fathers worked without any machines. Now we are lucky to have machines and our job is a little easier,” said Anastasios Koutelidas. He continued by saying, “they used to sell their products across the country and their best time was in the summer.”

Even, though the village has  zero unemployment, the economic crisis is leaving its mark. Their sales reduced to 40% because their customers can find their products from the Chinese market at a lower price; albeit it lower in quality. They are now  asking for support from the Greek State. They also mentioned that they try to keep their village alive even though its population is reduced.

Milia in the local Vlach dialect is called Amerou. The settlement with the stone houses is characterized as traditional. The local Folklore Museum showcases the local tradition over the years.

Source: greekreporter.com