Learn fluent Greek online
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Learn fluent Greek online

Greek Lessons OnLine (www.greek-lol.com) offers interactive online greek language courses for young and adults of all levels and for all people that wish to learn our beautiful language at the place and time of their preference.

The idea of taking advantage the technological tools to spread the Greek world has been Stella’s Bompotsiari goal since she 2007 after she completed her studies in ICT in Education at London University. Her studies and her teaching experience combined with her partner’s Pavlos Xinas technical support in e-learning issues have led to the creation of Greek Lessons OnLine, the best way to learn Greek at the time and the place of your preference.

How do students learn?

Learning through Greek Lessons OnLine is based upon live interaction with qualified native greek teachers and is conducted via an online digital class. The digital class can support lessons from 1-5 students and it offers:

-High quality video and audio conferencing,

-Interactive whiteboard that is used to upload the learning material, to write on either with a clipboard or a digital pen, to upload and watch video and audio files,

-Quiz tests that are designed according to each student’s skills in order to make learning easy and fun,

-Video recording,

-Tool to save all files that have been used and produced during class,


They take pride in their teachers’ qualifications. They are all certified teachers that have lived or live abroad so this experience of theirs combined with their advanced knowledge of other foreign languages (English, Italian, and French) makes them ideal instructors for all people that wish to learn Greek and come closer to the greek history and culture.