Greek participation in Berlin’s “Akademie” exhibition
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Greek participation in Berlin’s “Akademie” exhibition

Significant participation of the Greek painter Periklis Costopoulos in the report «AKADEMIE / ACADEMY» to be presented at the Academy of Arts in Berlin (ADK) from 30 August to 8 December 2013.
The report «AKADEMIE / ACADEMY» organized by the President of Academic. Tech. Berlin Klaus Staeck and Lutz Wohlrab and accompanies the exhibition «ARTE POSTALE» (art by mail), curated by Rosa von der Schulenburg, where we showcased artistic material from the archives of Acad. Tech. Berlin to the collection Staeck, with artists such as, George Grosz, Max Pechstein, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Emil Schumacher and many others.
The portfolio of important Greek artist presented this year also in the Art Institute of San Francisco (SFAI) in the U.S. international «Mail-art project-GUTAI» (Historical Overview) organized by John Held Jr. along with Andrew McClintock last February and March.

Read more information about the exhibition here.