Australian journalist fell in love with Greece
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Australian journalist fell in love with Greece

The Australian Marjory McGinn, former journalist of Sydney «Sun-Herald», decided to live a great adventure in Greece with her partner, which is visited earlier often-dense as tourists.
Both philhellenes wanted to relax a little and enjoy the sun of our country away from a long and harsh winter. While at the same time Greece was entering a prolonged economic crisis and their decision might have sounded «a little crazy», they had visited in the past Greece, they knew, they love Greece and they haven’t changed their decision.
So they left Scotland who lived last years, rented an old stone house in the village of Great Mantinea in the shadow of Mount Taygetos and tried to live like Greeks in a provincial Greek closed society, by picking olives, and living traditions. All these experiences are described in very vivid and often amusing way.
«When I first stepped my foot in Greece, this was my first trip outside Australia, overseas fell in love. I do not know what it was but I loved this place. I was 20 years old, now spent 50 but my destination is always the Greece. «
With these words, Marjory McGinn describes the most erotic relationship with Greece.
The journalist knew some Greek, she was as a student in Greece and wanted to live the Greek rural life in all its manifestations. They lived in a small village in the Peloponnese for three years during the crisis and the memoranda and recently managed to publish a book of her experiences.
The book entitled «Things can Only Get Feta» record her experiences living in the province as Greek and its message that things will make for the better.
The Australian journalist speaking explains at website:
«We wanted to live like Greeks in the province, far from the British way. Besides, I’ve always had in my mind to write the book as  i  did. One of the surprising elements of what we experienced in the southern Peloponnese was the proportion of Greeks in Australia found there, mostly, people seeking to restore their roots with their homeland. Had come to Greece for many years, started their businesses, others are returning back to Australia because of the crisis and concern about rising unemployment,» she says and continues.
«I met a wonderful priest from Melbourne, in his forties, who worked in one of the largest churches in the main southern city of Kalamata. He was incredibly popular and although he was deeply committed to the church, thinking and return to Australia to offer his family a more secure future. «
She emigrated from Scotland to Sydney with her family at the age of nine. In Sydney’s first friend was a Greek Anna, which was that person who transfer love for our country. It is no coincidence that when Marjory was 20 years old, she decided to travel to Greece, where she spent a year teaching English in Athens. Then she started anymore for good erotic relationship with Greece that continues until today.
For Greek friends who did the Peloponnese says:
«It’s wonderful people who invited us into their homes and lives. Despite suffering from the austerity measures are stoic and fighters. One woman told me: «Look, we had wars, German occupation junta earthquakes. Would overcome but this crisis.»
During her stay in Greece the Marjory McGinn wrote many articles for Australian and British press.
For more information about her book and the experiences of the couple in the southern Peloponnese visit their website