Greek finalist in Google Science Fair 2013
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Greek finalist in Google Science Fair 2013

Charalambos Ioannou, 17 year old student who designed a glove for people with upper limb disabilities, managed to find among the 15 finalists in the Google’s international science competition aimed at teenagers, who have ideas for scientific and technological inventions.

The reason for making glove was the will of the 17-year facilitating the daily life of his grandmother, which suffers from a disability in her hand. As he said, «one day I saw my grandmother trying to catch the control of television and slipping her fingers, after suffering from a chronic disability of the upper arm. This motivated me to try to fix a device to help her. «

Charalambos reached in the first 15 positions of the competition Google Science Fair 2013, the exoskeleton glove, the largest online science competition in the world for young people aged 13 to 18 years, which this year was themed «90 ways to change the world.»

«Victory in the competition of Google Science Fair will encourage me to continue to create projects that will make people’s lives easier and better,» said 17 year-old, adding that «while the prize money and recognition, will surely give tremendous impetus to my career, the most important is that this victory will help in promotion, integration and mass production of my project that will help people around the world. «

The exoskeleton glove strengthens and supports the movement of human palm in order to help people who suffer from disabilities upper hand.

The central idea of his proposal is that a metal frame in the shape of gloves, worn by the user since it is placed at the right point-to push-motion sensors can detect the motor stimulation of the user, which will then by the use of «servo».

The grand prize winner of the Google Science Fair which will be announced on September 23, includes a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands to the mission of National Geographic, one scholarship of 50,000 dollars, hands-on experience in one of the participating organizations ( LEGO, CERN or Google) and a grant for the school worth $ 10,000.

Watch the video presentation of the glove:

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