Parthenon travels to Mexico
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Parthenon travels to Mexico

Parthenon, a monument emblematic of Western culture, a symbol of architectural perfection, orderly and harmony, will have the opportunity to experience art-lovers and philhellenes in Mexico, through the exhibition «Parthenon, architecture and art», hosted at the National Museum of Architecture , the Palace of Fine Arts, the largest exhibition space in Latin America.

The report includes a comprehensive set of photographic and multimedia about the art and architecture of the Parthenon, as well as copies of the monument, highlighting the excellent work of restoration in recent years, as an example for the preservation of cultural heritage.

The initiative for this organization belongs to the local Greek community, and particularly to Alexandros Apostolakis, archaeologist, art historian, conservator of monuments and board member of the Community.

The aim of the Greek Community is, through the report to highlight the Greek civilization in Mexico, to create the conditions for growth movement philhellenism to epaprosdiorisei Greece’s image in a positive context in Central America, but also to give a message of unity and hope for the hard times experienced by our country.

Source: AMNA