Creators of the video Gracias Grecia visited Greece
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Creators of the video Gracias Grecia visited Greece

The teachers from the University of Murcia are in Greece the last few days. Two months ago they created an extraordinary video, with their Spanish students, thanking our country about the contribution to the humanity, its contribution to the global history, Ethics, Plato, Socrates, dialect and Philosophy.

At the time the teacher of Latin, Aristides Minguez talked exclusively at, stating: “More things of what you think are Greek. If you don’t know it, you speak more Greek than you realize!”

The teachers of University of Murcia are in Greece in order to meet up close what they talked about on the video. They already visited Acropolis, the Archaeological Museum, Plaka and today they are visiting Epidaurus. They will stay for a few days, as they are thrilled about their accommodation and the hospitality – filoxenia of Greek people. Already they are making plans for their next visit in our country.

Watch here the exclusive interview they gave to for the reasons that lead to the production of the video, sending another message to the Greeks and to all the nations.

Press left the word «JPG» and see pictures from the official dinner hosted by the Greek Foreign Ministry in Spanish representatives and Team