The creators of the video “Gracias, Grecia” talked exclusively to
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The creators of the video “Gracias, Grecia” talked exclusively to

The extraordinary video, which the Spanish students and teachers of University of Murcia created, thanking our country about the contribution to the humanity, has become extremely popular in Greece, as well as all over the world since it was broadcasted in almost all the European media groups.

The creators of the video talked exclusively to for the reasons that lead to the production of the video, sending another message to the Greeks and to all the nations.

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About «Gracias Grecia» video

Some Spanish students and teachers are saluting Greece with a video Gracias Grecia Nuestra Herencia, a seven-minute long work thanking Greece for its achievements and contribution to the European culture, literature, arts and sciences.

This message is also aimed at supporting Greece during its crushing economic crisis, something the Spaniards are suffering as well. Greece has the highest unemployment rate in Europe, with Spain right behind.

You can see the video below