The only Greek guest of Macron at this year’s summit of the French presidency
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The only Greek guest of Macron at this year’s summit of the French presidency

With more than 15 years of experience in the energy storage industry, Mr. Lambros Bissalas is the Group CEO of SunlightGroup Energy Storage Systems, a leading technology provider in energy storage systems.

He was the only Greek, at the 7th Choose France Summit, attending at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron himself yesterday at the Palace of Versailles.

He participated in this year’s summit of the French Presidency which, according to international media reports, hosted around 180 executives of companies, investment funds.

Greek Sunlight, one of the strongest players in the transition of green energy in Europe through stored energy, “is the only Greek company ever invited to this famous global summit, where the CEOs of the world’s most important companies are invited to discuss investments in France and to inform government officials about the support needed to make significant investments in the country,” Bishallas said in a statement and continued

“I had the great pleasure of attending the gala organised by President Macron and of showing off with the global CEOs of Airbus, Manpower, Liebherr, Dassault, Dassault, Scania and the Minister of Defence of the French Republic. Finally, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss investment with the founder and President of Ardian, the largest European fund with €160 billion under management, Mrs Dominique Senequier, a great friend of Greece.”

Lambros Bissalas holds an Executive MBA from IMD Business School and the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.

He has led the Sunlight Group and its subsidiaries to exponential growth, innovation and profitability as well as expansion into new markets and regions. He has led the development and commercialization of industrial lithium batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage applications, as well as the acquisition and integration of strategic partners and assets.

Passionate about creating sustainable and scalable solutions for energy transition and addressing global climate change and energy access challenges. He continuously strives to empower and inspire his team and stakeholders to achieve their shared vision and goals.In 2023, he was named best manger of the year at the glittering MANAGER OF THE YEAR awards ceremony, held at the Athens Concert Hall.