The “Best Family Doctor of the world” for 2021 is Greek
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The “Best Family Doctor of the world” for 2021 is Greek

The Award for the Best Family Doctor in the world for 2021 (Global Family Doctor) was won by the director of the Center Areopolis Health and Doctor of the Medical School of the University of Athens, Anargyros D. Mariolis.

 The award is given by the World Organization of Family Physicians, WONCA every two years to doctors from all over the world.

 The award criteria apply to a family doctor who is also a provider of holistic, human-centered, quality care, informed decision-making, interdisciplinary communication, and a community leader with administrative virtues.

Anargyros D. Mariolis, speaking after his award, said “Ideas and work coexist in this distinction. Looking daily through the window of the patients, who are now illuminated by the price of the Award, the need for new human values ​​arises.



Duty, responsibility and offering to man were institutionalized by the patients themselves. “Struggle and hope are the stars that have helped me stay on the side of all the patients who manage to survive in a world that is threatened, and especially in the days of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

 He pointed out that “Together all these years we have created hiding places of resistance and will for light, justice and dignity. We must all work persistently and decisively to paint a brighter sun all over the world, which will spread its warmth everywhere, for the Primary Health Care and the family doctor. “



He also noted that “I will continue to be a defender of love, looking at man with affection. “This is the dream and the reality of my secret alliance.” However, this is not the first time that the teacher has received such a distinction. In 2019 he was named the best Family Doctor in Europe.