The Greek diver who broke the apnea record in a flooded mine
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The Greek diver who broke the apnea record in a flooded mine

Thechampion free diving, Chronis Hlitsios broke the world record of penetration, with apnea, in a German submarine.

“We were in Nutla, Germany, in an abandoned mine and did a dive with apnea, with a penetration of 100 meters and a depth of 12 meters […] The water was at 7 degrees Celsius, it was terribly cold and it created eerie conditions,” he said. Mr. Chlitsios speaking to ERT.

As he mentions it was an effort with a degree of difficulty and is the beginning of a series of other similar efforts.

“We are living in very difficult and strange times. Man does not feed only on food and water. We need emotional and cultural food. With everything we do we get the emotions we need to deal with these difficult situations we live in today. Follow your dreams. “Set goals because that will give us the stamina and the mood to endure everything that happens,” he said.

The champion diver works as a tutor in the Ark of the World, which gives him, as he says, “the mood and time to engage in his favorite activity.


Mr. Hlitsiou’s goal is for Greece to be a diving destination and to attract fans of the sport from all over the world.

I have been dealing with the subject for over 30 years and we have made various kinds of such efforts. This one was started by my friend Costas Xanthopoulos, a Larissa man who was in Germany and is a scuba instructor. There he worked with a German colleague who has a turnover in his country and in Switzerland. We got in touch with him and told him to do something different, with another degree of difficulty.


So we found ourselves in Nutla, Germany, in an abandoned mine that is now used for documentaries, movies, etc. We said to do a dive with apnea and a penetration of 100 meters in an underwater cave at a depth of 12 meters and a water temperature of 7 degrees, terrible cold that created eerie conditions. It is the first of a series of efforts that we will make in the future, ” he said about the project.

“With what we do, we get emotional nourishment to deal with today’s difficult situations. This is the message I want to give: Follow your dreams, set goals because this will give us the supplies to endure “, added Mr. Hlitsios.