The triumph of Maria Sakkari and the qualification to the 4th of the American Tournament
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The triumph of Maria Sakkari and the qualification to the 4th of the American Tournament


US Open: The triumph of Maria Sakkari and the qualification to the 4th of the American Tournament 

Maria Sakkari won the No. 4 in the world with Carolina Pliskova with a unique victory taking both sets breathlessly. 


Beat the No. 4 in the world Karolina Pliskova with a sweeping appearance – She will face 18-year-old Emma Randoukanou – The US Open posts and Sakkari’s surprise after the victory – Dedicates her victory to Greece that suffered from the fires – 

With another epic appearance the Maria Sakkari overcame the obstacle of Karolina Pliskova and qualified for the semifinals of the US Open.


The Greek athlete managed with 22 consecutive points earned in the service to cross the obstacle of the finalist a few months ago in Wimbledon Pliskova. Now she is waiting for tomorrow whenever she will face the British Emma Radoukanou in the early morning.


However, this series by Maria Sakkari impressed everyone with the US Open hosting an excerpt from her statements on Twitter immediately after the end of the match and framing the video with the caption: “22 consecutive points earned on service? She even impressed herself. “


It is recalled that in the previous match, after the victory of the Greek athlete against Bianca Andrescu, the US Open after informing that it was the longest match of the US Open in women, published a tweet in which Maria Sakkari was portrayed as a Greek warrior with the racket but and a shield.


In her first statements after her epic qualification to the “4” of the US Open, Maria Sakkari did not believe that she got the ticket for the semifinals.


The Greek champion was asked after her epic victory for the fantastic series of 22 points earned in her service and said: I am impressed. I already trusted my service, but now I will trust it even more. I served well, Carolina is probably the best server on the tour, so I knew I had to make a lot of returns to be able to make at least one break in each set. I think I did quite well. I had to accept the fact that some games would close, I am easily speechless, I do not know what to say“.



Of course, he was asked about the semifinal with 18-year-old Emma Randoukanou and said: “First of all, it is wonderful for our sport to have so many new players playing very well this season. Emma and Leila have a very good series. But I trust my game, I believe a lot in myself, I will see you all here tomorrow “.


He was also asked to comment on the fight that followed that of Djokovic with Beretini and stressed: “What Novak is trying to do now is huge for the sport. “Do not ask me who I want to win, because Beretini is a good friend of mine, Novak is also a friend and a very nice guy.”




For what she dedicates her victory: ” I think it is a big thing for Greece. I did not have the opportunity to say it in court, but I want to dedicate this victory to Greece, because we suffered a lot last month with fire damage. Winning for Greece, making Greeks proud and happy, especially in difficult times, makes me even happier, because you know how much I love my country. I do not know how busy people are in Greece. I imagine it will be the same or more than that Roland Garros. What I saw then were only pleasant things. I did not hear any bad comments from anyone. Everyone came to me with a beautiful smile and had nice words to say. All I can do is have fond memories of it because it will not last a lifetime. They will definitely remember me, but I will not be an active player in 10 or 15 years “.







And all this while it came from a thriller match for the 16 against Andreescu … Only Maria today looked fresher than ever, managing to reach the second semifinal of a Grand Slam tournament in her career and now tomorrow at dawn she will face British Emma Radoucanou.

In the first two games they both kept their serve with relative comfort, but in the third Maria had terrible returns to the service of Pliskova who took the first point, but lost the next four for the break!

And from that point on, Maria was really enjoyable in the games she served and very competitive in Pliskova’s services. Sakkari did not give a point to the Czech Republic when she served and threatened with a new break, but finally won the set 6-4.


In the second there was a greater balance up to half. Sakkari continued to be impressive in all her hits, she ran Pliskova all over the field with her opponent holding the lead until 2-3.

There, however, Maria equalized and immediately after came the break she was looking for to follow another game without giving a point to reach 5-3.

Pliskova reduced to 5-4, but Maria served for the match and reached a double match point. But two mistakes brought the draw and the agony to the vertical, without Maria panicking. A good first serve gave the third match point which was also the pharmacist. A straight winner put an end to it and that was the only moment when Maria bent down …

She sat for a few seconds trying to realize what she had accomplished with the endless applause of the people accompanying her thoughts. The story continues to be written in New York …