World Swimming Champion torches world Junior Record
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World Swimming Champion torches world Junior Record

Athlete Apostolos Papastamos wrote his own story in the 400m. torched the World Junior Record and Championships Record in the final of the men’s 400 IM, setting a new world record and proving once again that he is the absolute mastermind in this race. The young swimmer left no margin for error, after struggling with concentration, so he climbed to the top of the podium with a World Youth Record in Budapest, with a 4: 11.93. This medal is the second medal he won in this Championship as he had won the bronze medal in the 200m a few days ago.



In the second place was Ilia Borodin with 4: 12.95 and in the third was Frenchman Leon Marsand with 4: 16.37. Federal coach Tasos Papadopoulos, shortly after Papastamou won the gold medal, said: “We are very excited about what the Apostle achieved today. There are not many words to describe his feat. He broke the world record and that time could easily give him a place in the final of the Olympics. “

  “I can’t realize what I’ve accomplished. What particularly excites me is the road that opens up to me for the Olympics. It is something I cannot realise, maybe because I am 18 years old and I say this because my consciousness is not yet mature enough to handle it, ”he said after the first race. 



Born on March 20, 2001, Apostolos Papastamou came into contact with the sport at the age of four, entering the Chania swimming pool for the first time. At first it started with a backpack, but Kostas Tsilivakis’ technician convinced him to deal with the mix. To this day, it seems that his choice has led him on the right path, as he sees success in succession and success in succession.  

In December of 2015, at “Alexandria rally” in Thessaloniki, he set a national record for the first time with a 4: 32.93, while in 2017 he set a national record at teenagers category  with 4: 21.92. At the same time he won the gold medal at the Olympic Youth Festival in Gyor, Hungary. The Greek athlete has already reached the limit for the Tokyo Olympics and he is odds on favourite at his category .