A new, colourful, interactive microcosm
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A new, colourful, interactive microcosm

Interactive surprises, colorful murals and an opportunity for an unexpected and enjoyable entertainment experience will be provided by all passers-by to the pedestrian subway near OAKA at Kifissias Avenue, at the initiative of OPAP.




In collaboration with street artist b, the gray passage was transformed for the sake of the passers-by to offer a delightful experience that gives color, liveliness and joy to the city’s everyday life. The walls were filled with neon colors, designs and inscriptions, with lighting that reacts to the human movement in the passage to pleasantly surprise the passers-by and music composition buttons to change their mood.



This action is a breath of liveliness between the gray of the city and an attempt to provoke positive feelings from simple things that nudge the city’s people and remind them to smile.



Street artist b. is a Greek artist who stands out for his unique style, with murals, works and exhibitions in Miami, New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Verde. The artist, whose works are for everyone, creates colorful worlds that fit perfectly with the new look that OPAP wanted to give to the first interactive underground pedestrian crossing.



“The brief was to make something that portrays the city from my own perspective – colorful, joyful, playful,” he said in an interview. “I choose to see the city this way. My work has always been optimistic, very colorful, portraying familiar things and appealing to the whole world. ”



A lot of people stopped and smiled, thanking the street artist because “you changed this unpleasant situation”.



The colorful work was completed on May 11, 2019, with a special event with gifts and surprises for the world.