The Greek mythology conquers Netflix
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The Greek mythology conquers Netflix

Greek mythology once again became an inspiration and lever of production, as Netflix chose the series “Gods & Heroes”, in the form of an animated series, by the brothers Parlapanides, to travel to the screens of the entire planet and enter the homes of the subscribers of the streaming platform.

According to Netflix, who commissioned 8 episodes, the story concerns a young exile who finds out to be the illegitimate son of Zeus and the only one who can save the world. Against him, stands an avenging goddess and the forces of evil who stand by her.


Behind the screenplay and production of “Gods & Heroes ” are Charlie and Vlas Parlapanides, while behind the design and animation stands the Powerhouse Animation studio, which has created for Netflix the successful “Castlevania” cartoon series (from a well-known video game).

Their voice in the characters will be given by Jason O’Mara (“The Man in the High Castle”), Mimi Gamer (daughter of Meryl Streep who had played in the recent “True Detective”), Chris Diamantopoulos (“Silicon Valley” and “The Three Stooges”), Melina Kanakaridis (“CSI New York”), Jessica Henwick (“Iron Fist”), Elias Toufexis (known from his voicing in video games such as “Deus Ex”, “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”).



The two brothers said about the series, “We wanted to completely tell a true story, as described in the beloved world of Greek mythology. We are grateful for such a distinct casting and for our Netflix and Powerhouse Animation partners who extend the boundaries of cartoons in a dreamlike way. ”

Charlie and Vlassis Parlapanides became known in Hollywood with the film “Immortals,” 2011, starring Henry Kavil shortly before he became world-renowned as Superman. As in the “Immortals”, so in the animation series they prepare, the gods and monsters of mythology come alive through the story of a hero who will face them in order to save the world – both men and gods.

The two writers and producers are sons of Greek immigrants who come from Smyrna, ended up in Patras and then there to New Jersey. The Parlapanides brothers were already known to Netflix from the “Death Note” script, based on a Japanese manga.


Netflix’s Anime Director, John Derderian, praised the Parlapanides declaring he was excited that “their unique vision of the gods of Olympus will be transported through Netflix around the world.”