A video dedicated to summer in Greece
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A video dedicated to summer in Greece

A video-hymn to the summer of Greece was created by Discover Greece – the interactive tour guide platform for every part of the country – just before the warm months and their beauties capture the hearts of every Greek and foreign visitor.

The “Oh My Greece! Unlock the Feeling” begins with the image of a young man on the beach, with the deep blue of the Greek sea on the background, saying “Listen” and giving his headphones to a tourist who has visited Greece for his summer vacation. Then, the sounds and music of Greece begin to inspire him and make him travel to the summer vacation that everyone would love to experience.



Pictures from the starry night sky, from a children’s play in nature and the sea, make the beginning for an ideal summer, with the viewer following the foreign visitor in every revitalizing and magical step. A little girl offers him a slice of watermelon, “Fae” (Eat), while a young woman tells him “Koita” (Look), pointing to the castle of the island, and her voice echos in moments of the crystal clear sea, sailing boats and fishing boats. “Kalos ton” (Welcome), one woman welcomes him to her home, and another urges him, “Vouta, vouta” (Dip, dip), his bread in the salad, revealing the hospitality and generosity of the Greek family and mentality – as well as a tradition of the country.



Unique images of the afternoon sea just before night, with the wonderful colors of the sunset making the visitor smile while being enchanted. “Rikse” (Play) and the game with the children playing ball in the town’s square begins, while a little later, with the “Ela” (Come) of his friend’s, he starts looking forward to their excursion to the riches of Greek nature. He tastes Greek wine, stays in one of the amazing hotels of the islands, reads under the castle, walks in the alleys and experiences the beaches with the golden sand.



“Akou” (Listen), says a gentleman with a smile of calm and knowing, and for a moment, the only sound that is heard is our favorite sound of waves. The video speeds up and shows Greek moments; feasts, dives, wonderful scenes that make everyone feel part of something unique and gorgeous. The latest images are of the visitor overlooking to a magnificent view and of the phrases “Oh my Greece” and “Unlock the feeling”.



The video warms and prepares the Greek soul, while convincing everyone to visit and feel the unique Greek summer.