The Swedish travel blogger who conveys the passion for holidays in Greece
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The Swedish travel blogger who conveys the passion for holidays in Greece


43-year-old Swede, Markus Olsson, is the director of a small company outside Stockholm, and his greatest love is traveling. “I traveled for the first time to Greece, in Crete, 20 years ago. It was my first trip abroad – my family did not have the financial ease to travel. But as soon as I started working, I began saving money for this purpose. Since 2012, I visit Greece two to three times a year. I had reached the point of working 14 hours a day – I needed a break. I stayed for three months. To calm down, “charge” my batteries”, he remembers.

Markus continues saying “At that time, my own people wanted to learn how I was going to Greece, so I started writing about my days, sending them pictures – like a diary. Those, in turn, have begun to share this information with their friends. They liked it, and the feedback I got was the motivation to continue”.



Since then, Markus has been gathering information about Greece, and the result of this effort can be seen at “It’s my blog! I write exclusively for Greece”, he says with enthusiasm.

The content and style of his blog is his travel experiences framed with many useful information, broken down by destination. “If you want to go somewhere, you find everything you need. As for the negative experiences, I avoid being critical – it may happen to “spoil” something for once”, he says.

Gastronomy also occupies an important space in Markus’ blog: “I like cooking, I write about Greek cuisine. I love the “stifado” stew, the “fava” with onions and capers. I make a nice pastitsio, and even pizza with Greek ingredients. Besides, a recipe for “yuvarlakia” was the occasion to approach me from the Greek Embassy in Stockholm. “How does a Swede write about Greek food?” They wondered, and since then we have had an excellent collaboration, exchanging emails, inviting me to their events”, he mentions.

Markus believes that his blog “stands out”, among other things, by the wealth of information he offers about destinations. With the list of Greek songs and music, and Greek recipes. He has a podcast where he talks about Greece himself. Soon, his own channel on Instagram will begin – he will have some “episodes” from recently visited Athens – Acropolis and Acropolis Museum, Kristen, Psyrri, Gazi. Of course, Lycabettus – he likes the sunset. He also loves the terraces in Monastiraki, with the best view of Athens, as he says. His blog is a constantly evolving project – even if he has gone somewhere in the past, he goes back in order to enrich the content.



Every trip to Greece requires a good organization. Every year, Markus begins to plan the next year’s trip. “I sit in the evenings after work. When searching for destinations, I catch pictures from places I love or I advise other travel bloggers. Then I read about these parts, I try to gather as much information as possible”, he says.

His favorite holiday destinations are some of the 36 islands that he has visited, such as Kasos, Donousa, Sikinos, Anafi, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Folegandros and Skyros. Because he also likes hiking, he intends to explore the mainland in the next few years, to find himself again in Epirus, and to cross the Vikos Gorge.



To the question what was, after all, what inspired Markus to devote so much personal time for Greece replied features that “It is the way that it combines nature, light, and delicious food. Most importantly, however, it’s the people, and their unique way to make you feel welcome”.