Was awarded the Best Historic Hotel In Europe
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Was awarded the Best Historic Hotel In Europe

The “Best Historic Hotel In Europe 2018 Award” was given to the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel, located in the Venetian harbor of Chania.

More than 200 hotels participated in the contest and the results were announced on Thursday at a ceremony in Colorado, USA. Historic Hotels Worldwide® is a global community representing over 300 historic hotels in more than 43 countries. The criteria for accepting a hotel in the community are the age of the building where it is housed, the historical importance of the site and its proximity to the historic city center.



The criteria of the competition are the quality and the aesthetics of the building’s renovation, the depiction of the historical succession in its modern architecture, the history of storytelling, the presentation of the life of the people who lived there in the past, the souvenirs, the relics and works of art that decorate it. The jury consists of architects, historians, art presenters, managers and owners of historic hotels who have been awarded in the past.

The Domus Renier Boutique Hotel opened for the first time as a hotel in June 2016. It is a jewel of the history of the Venetian period of Chania, closely tied to some of its protagonists, Renier, one of the largest houses of nobles of Venice who lived in this.



Τhe main building of the Renier House, once dominated by the Venetian Harbor, is the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel today. An architectural masterpiece that, after many decades of silence, is once more reminiscent of the most central point of the old city of Chania, continuing its eternal dialogue with history.

The Renaissance Mansion was founded in 1608, as evidenced by the inscription on the impressive arch of the entrance. The domination of the Venetians in Crete ended in 1669 with the Ottomans’ definitive dominion, during which the building underwent significant changes, with the main addition of a closed balcony on the third floor.



At the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel, the architects highlighted both the building’s periods, the Venetian and the Ottoman, through a modern architectural approach. It is the dream that every visitor of the city would like to live in. It is an important part of the history of the country.

MULTA TULIT, FECITQUE ET STUDUIT DULCES PATER, SUDAVIT ET ALSIT, SEMPER REQUIES CERENAT, MDC VIII. IDI B. IAN (A lot he brought, he did and studied, the sweet father who strived and sweated. Let him always rest in peace, 1608).



The inscription on the impressive arch of the entrance gate of Renier House gives the mark of family values. Doctors, politicians, diplomats, chieftains and countesses lived and died, loved and hated, moved the political threads and ruled through this room, there in the mansion.

After 5 centuries, Renier’s House lives its own renaissance, giving the old city of Chania a breath of authentic beauty. Its 9 suites have a unique and unique character, just like the people who once lived in them.