The Greek who won Papanikolaou Prize 2018
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The Greek who won Papanikolaou Prize 2018

The clinical investigator at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, Myria Galazi, was awarded this year’s Papanicolaou Prize 2018, organized annually by the Hellenic Medical Society of the United Kingdom, for her research on metastatic prostate cancer.

At an event held at the Hellenic Center in London, four finalists presented their research work to the public and then the winner was selected by the Special Scientific Committee. The competition is attended by scientists with research in the fields of medicine, dentistry, biomedicine and pharmacology.


According to the chairman of Hellenic Medical Society, Miltos Krokidis, the contest is mainly addressed to young, Greek researchers, living and working in the UK.

“The Papanikolaou Prize is a historic and well-established event of the Hellenic Medical Society of the United Kingdom in honor of the distinguished Greek scientist G. Papanikolaou. This year we had a significant number of participants with outstanding work.

The competition reaffirms the high quality of Greek-based research in the UK and we are glad that Hellenic Medical Society of the UK is the platform where this important contribution is presented,” Krokidis told to Reuters.



The award-winning research is about understanding the causes that lead to resistance to the treatment of certain cases of metastatic prostate cancer and the best way to deal with the phenomenon. The award-winning researcher will have the opportunity to present her work at a university in China through the UKeMED collaboration platform.



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