A 365-day destination
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A 365-day destination

Greece is a secret banquet, a feast of hidden delights. Every season has something special to offer, so the “Greece – a 365 Day Destination” video of “visitgreece.com” was submitted for the “Best Tourist Movie Award 2018” and was nominated among 29 nominations as the best tourist film in the world for 2018 and ranked first in public preferences in 136 countries.

In 2017, with the participation of the video in the UNWTO, “Greece – a 365-day destination” was selected as the top European-wide promotional video among 23 candidate European countries that participated in the global competition. The video of Greece was voted the best in Europe by a jury composed of the presidents of the six UNWTO regional committees – Africa, America, East Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Moreover, it is ranked 17th, with over 4200 votes, at cifft.com, the site that aims to cover as many destinations as possible and creative actions and to continue to reward the best tourist audiovisual works.



The video begins with impressive four-seasons pictures in Greece, with beaches, snow, blooming flowers and yellow leaves, while the narrator almost poetically describes moments, senses and thoughts and promises of unforgettable memories from the country of 365 days to all those enchanted by the unbelievable beauty of the video and want to get to know it.

“Bustling cities, small traditional villages, breathtaking nature, rich culture, imposing archaeological sites, mesmerizing islands, savory culinary treats and recipes form a fascinating destination. Enjoy Greece all year round, as each season has something special to offer. Uncover Greece’s hidden treasures.” The narrating of the journey begins and the attention of every spectator is captured.

“Greece in summer: the luxury of simplicity delights the senses, unfolds at a human pace. True luxury can’t be bought. The sea has its secrets waiting to explore, so set your sails, this is your journey, this is your tale. The unknown is the spice of life. Under a hundred kinds of blue, ancient cities and sailors, Poseidon’s hidden kingdom ” is heard alongside the underwater worlds of the Greek seas, the beaches and the luxury that can be found in our islands. The sun seems to radiate warmth even through the snapshots of the spot.



“Greece in autumn: nature’s endless bounty, fruits of the earth. Harvest rituals shape the year. Work and love go hand and hand. Wine roots of Greece. Small vintages, wonderful and rare, action and adventure. On mount slops, on forest pads, on wild rivers. Living in the moment, you thrill to be alive. We found ourselves in action but in stillness too. Magic places and ancient practices. Heal, rejuvenate the body and the soul. Revelation fills the mind and spirit too, lifts you up in peace and joy,” the voice continues, giving depth to images of harvest, colorful fields, extreme sports in waterfalls, mountains, rivers, bicycle paths somewhere in the green and endless beauty of Greece.



“Greece in winter: Lift up your eyes unto the hills, discover the mountain’s magic spell, the silence of the peaks. 3000 villages dot the land, climbing from earth to heaven, milestones on our journey. A human creation; each one unique. At every turn the age-old greeting “Welcome, friend”. Greece, an ideal destination for meeting people for exchanging ideas” and the eyes meet snowy slopes, white mountains and villages, friendly smiles and greek, warm greetings.



“Greece in spring: paths of discovery and delight. Trace the heart of Greece and on the way a feast for the senses. Miles of memories. The journey is the joy. Pleasures of the table, local recipes, local secrets. Hear the stories of the day unfold and all the senses unite. The memory of a meal can last a lifetime. The feast brings us all together to dance and sing and celebrate. The joy of the company, the miracle of life. This is our Greece. Come, share it with us” the narrator presents Spring with breathtaking landscapes and liberating activities in nature, ending in the pillar of our country; the heart of the Greek. Moments of full, colorful tables, wine, smiles, dances, feasts and celebrations make every Greek proud and every stranger to experience it.



“This is our Greece. Come and share it with us,” concludes the video with an invitation and the camera to be focused on the cornerstone of the country and the capital, the Acropolis.