New Campaign to Support Greek Products
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New Campaign to Support Greek Products

A new campaign titled “This Holiday Season Buy Greek” was launched to support Greek products outside of Greece and mostly in areas where there are large Greek populations such as in the U.S.A. , Canada & Australia.

The campaign was created by the Greek online store and shot by Greek director Konstantinos Mousoulis in Hollywood, CA.

The four different videos feature three actors singing the Christmas carolls with a Greek twist. The campaign aims at reminding the viewer to buy Greek products during the holiday season. If each member of Greek Diaspora tries to buy Greek products when available it will be a serious help to Greek exports and Greece’s crisis-hit economy.

The actors that participated in the “Buy Greek”campaign are Michael Andricopoulos who sings the carrols in the shower, Stavros Korasidis, a boy who sings in front of the Christmas tree, and Alexandra Echavarri who plays the song in her guitar.

Besides creating the ‘Buy Greek’ campaign, has also pledged to give back to charities in Greece 10% of its proceeds while everything sold at the online store is imported from Greece.

Watch the video:

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