A photo exhibition showing Nafplio’s unique beauty
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A photo exhibition showing Nafplio’s unique beauty

Fougaro, the modern art gallery of Nafplion, welcomed the exhibition “Nafplio Views”, with photos of the students of  Δ.ΙΕΚ (Public Institute for Job Training) in Nafplion. The “Art of Photography” was taught for the first time this year and the students presented their work to the public at the end of their academic semester.



The exhibition included photos inspired by the urban landscape of Nafplion. The upcoming photographers captured aspects that highlighted the atmospheric side of the old city, a world-wide destination due to its architecture with imposing Venetian and neoclassical buildings, museums, castles, walkways with cosmopolitan character and, of course, sights.



From Palamidi to Bourtzi, the Archaeological and War Museum, the National Gallery and the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation “Vasilios Papantoniou”, which is an internationally renowned museum for its contribution to the study of modern Greek culture, the quality of its collections and the originality of its educational programs, the visitor can only be impressed and moved by the turbulent history of the city and the country.


This special history and its charming aesthetics make Nafplion one of the most popular destinations for both Greeks and tourists. The students managed to capture and highlight with their snapshots the special beauty and atmosphere of the old city of Nafplion.



As noted by the photographer and responsible trainer of the specialty, Ilias Karatzoulis, “Nafplio is unique. The old city has managed to maintain the urban aesthetics of the past centuries, against the urban renewal and modernity of the new era. And it will continue to resist the new architectural current because this stubbornness gives it its uniqueness. Details combined with flying observers who enjoy this beautiful urban landscape from above and often make passers-by envious.”



The exhibition took place with the participation and sponsorship of the Municipality of Nafplion, through the Europedirect program and the sponsorship of the prints by Ikona N. Christopoulos SA, while Fougara is the multi-purpose place located just outside of the city and hosts solo exhibitions and artists’ projects from the domestic and international stage.


The students