Japan, Russia and Netherlands meet Greece’s beauty
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Japan, Russia and Netherlands meet Greece’s beauty

Greece travels abroad with three foreign TV productions which will portray its beauties in Japan, Russia and the Netherlands. The planning and organization of these trips took place with the support of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (ΗTO) and they are part of the policy of extroversion of Greek tourism through the attraction of foreign producers, which constitute direct, lasting and effective advertising for Greek tourism in foreign markets.

In the implementation of the strategic planning of the Minister of Tourism, Elena Kountoura, there are on average two hundred familiarization trips per year, including foreign and international productions for the promotion of Greek tourism through the entertainment industry.


More specifically, the Blue Circle television crew which is responsible for the production of the world-famous TV program “Farmer Seeks A Wife”, will be in Athens, 24-27 July 2018. The Dutch HTO Office contributed to the choice of Athens as a city trip destination for an episode of the new TV season, which will be screened on September 2nd, 2018 at the Dutch TV channel KRO-NCRV.

The crew of the Russian television channel Russia 1, has already visited Thessaloniki, Pella, Halkidiki and Meteora and is currently at the completion of filming in Athens to create five 4-minute videos. Russia 1 will broadcast those videos in the summer, three times a day, from the popular morning show “Utro Rossii”. The program designed by HTO, Russia and the Netherlands, includes among others the promotion of monastic cuisine at Mount Athos and the presentation of the areas of Loutraki, Pella and Meteora.



The “Russia1” is the most popular channel in Russia according to 2017 reports. The TV channel has an audience share of 98.5% in Russian and the Baltic countries. In addition, the team of the Japanese TV channel Fuji TV, shot at the end of June in Icaria, in order to create an hour-long episode of “To Live in Extreme Places of the World”.

The Hellenic Tourism Organization and the Chairman of the Board, Ch. Karimalis, contributed in the design of this program, and the facilitation of the shooting crew. The show includes interviews of Icarians about the secrets of the longevity of the island’s inhabitants, while the Icarian Festivals at the villages of Chrysostomos and Christos Rachon, with their local customs and traditions, will be shown.