Tassoula Eptakili writer at Kathimerini newspaper publishes a new book
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Tassoula Eptakili writer at Kathimerini newspaper publishes a new book

Tassoula Eptakili is a journalist in Kathimerini newspaper and editor in Blue AEGEAN magazine. She publishes her third book “The woman in the elevator”, a collection of poems which is composed of short stories “about presences and absences, victories and defeats. It’s about the life we’ve lived and the one we do in our dreams at night” she writes.

In more detail, she says that “During my high-school years, I liked writing down an excerpt from the poem “There .. . ” by Manolis Anagnostakis in my friends’ scrapbooks. The excerpt was “That’s because poetry is not a way to speak, but the best wall to hide our faces behind”.

I believed that for many years. Not anymore, though. Today, I know pretty well that poetry is not a wall to hide our face behind, but a mirror to face ourselves. To weigh our strengths and our weaknesses, to confront our fears and insecurities, to admit our mistakes and failures, to whisper our dreams, our secret hopes. A way to see ourselves exactly how we are and, therefore, have an opportunity to become better people”.

The book presentation will take place on Friday, May 11 at 8 pm, by KASTANIOTIS and IANOS publishing. Odysseas Ioannou, a songwriter and writer, George Maniotis, an author, Fotini Tsalikoglou, an author and Psychology professor at Panteion University will present the book and Natasa Bofiliou, a singer, will read some of the poems.

Tassoula Eptakili was born in 1968, in Samos, and grew up in Piraeus. She graduated from the Department of Classics at the University of Athens but chose to follow journalism instead of teaching. She has worked on the radio (Melody FM 99,2), in newspapers and magazines. Since 2003, she writes in Kathimerini newspaper. She has written two other books: My other whole (Patakis, 2016), a personal testimony about loss, and Gourgouri, a story for children (Patakis, 2017). She lives in Athens.