Cyclades among the best destinations to relax in 2018
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Cyclades among the best destinations to relax in 2018

Greece’s Cyclades islands are the third best destination in the world for calm and relaxation, according to Time Magazine. As 2017 was a rather difficult year for the whole world, full of stress for most, Time magazine suggests that maybe it’s time to make some drastic decisions for 2018: to get on an airplane. The magazine presents a list of ideal places to relax, offering peace and quiet. The Cyclades islands rank third on the list and are described as follows:

“If you are looking for a slightly charming destination that will keep you away from everyday life and fuss, plan a trip to the Cyclades of Greece. The best known of these are Santorini and Mykonos, but the Cyclades consist of more than 200 islands, many of which are characterized by rugged beaches with white villages and churches with blue domes. To find true isolation, head to the less developed islands like Sikinos, Kimolos and Anafi. Anafi is a 90-minute boat ride from Santorini and offers a relaxed setting and quiet beaches. Find time to visit the beautiful but tiny Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi on the eastern side of the island.

Note that apart from seasons, even popular places such as Santorini, are very attractive and quiet holidays. Be sure to see the small port of Ammoudi on the north side of the island. Full of colorful fishing boats, it is just 300 meters below Oia.”

The full list of places for those who seek tranquility are:

1. Bay of Islands, New Zealand

2. Little Corn Islands, Nicaragua

3. Cyclades, Greece

4. Mallorca, Spain

5. Sanibel Island, USA


6. La Mauricie National Park, Canada

7. Noosa, Australia

8. Burgundy, France