Greece in the 12th place in the world at Mathematics
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Greece in the 12th place in the world at Mathematics

The 58th International Mathematical Olympiad held in Rio de Janeiro from 12 to 23 July 2017 was completed. The Greek mission ranked 12th in the world, third in Europe and the first among the countries of the European Union. The Greeks won a Gold Medal, four silver medals and one Bronze Medal.

Six boys, aged 16-18 from different parts of Greece, joined forces in math exercises and managed to distinguish between 111 countries. International Mathematical Olympiads are an institution of the highest scientific level where the greatest talents in the field of mathematics from all over the world are involved.

The Greek team consists of:

Georgiadis Vasilios Gold Medal
Melas Dimitrios Silver Medal
Lolas Dimitrios Silver Medal
Tsiamis Raphael Silver Medal
Tsintsilidas Dimitrios Silver Medal
Psiroukis Rafael Bronze Medal

Head of the Greek Mission was the President of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, Professor of the National Technical University of Athens, Anargyros Fellouris and Mathematical Leader, Mr. Silouanos Brazitikos. These pupils with their great talent in mathematics continued the great tradition of the successes of Greek teams in International Mathematics Olympiads, achieving the best performance of all time.

The Hellenic Mathematical Society prepares and supports the efforts of these students on a voluntary basis within the framework of its objectives, namely the upgrading of Mathematical Education and Education in our country.

The Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, Kostas Gavroglou, on the occasion of the success of Greek students at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad, said:

“The success of Greek students at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad is a breath of hope against the negative stereotypes that are being promoted for the education in our country. These wonderful minds have continued a tradition of years in success in such scientific events. My congratulations and my thanks to all the students who participated and succeeded in their efforts to bring Greece to the first place among the countries of the European Union, 3rd place in Europe and 12th place in the world “.