7 reasons to visit Halkidiki
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7 reasons to visit Halkidiki

The German magazine Focus has published a tribute to Halkidiki. The article describes it as a dream-like holiday destination. It even notes that although it is more popular than ever, one can discover truly hidden secrets.

Focus begins with a description of 550 kilometers of beach with the many coves for every taste. If you are not a fan of the organized and crowded beaches, there are also many remote beaches, as well as Ammouliani and Gaidouronisia as an alternative.

You can find paths, which lead from organized hotels to remote beaches and within Chalkidiki, on green slopes. It is an ideal place for hiking. One of the proposed routes is in Sithonia, from Neos Marmaras to the Parthenon village, a jewel of Macedonian architecture after its renovation, at a height of 350 meters. If you want you can go even higher in Itamos, at 817 meters. A special mention is made by Focus on Xolomontas and the impressive route, from Vrastama to the valley of the river Chavria.

The magazine recommends climbing in Mount Olympus, just 3 hours drive away. Between June and September is the best time for the Mountain of Gods, writes Focus.

The fourth reason to visit Halkidiki is Philosophy. Therefore, a visit to Stagira, where Aristotle was born, in the thematic park you can learn about his philosophical work, as well as see experimental devices operating on the basis of the natural laws, which refer to his writings and especially to his work “The Naturals”.

“Forward to the Past” is the fifth reason to visit Halkidiki starting from ancient Olynthos, to go even further behind the classical era, 700.000 years before, in the Petralona cave with the stalactites and the stalagmites and the The skull of the Petralona homonymous man, the oldest human find in Europe.

The sixth reason is Athos (only men can visit), who has an unrestricted attraction despite the long, one-year, waiting for the visiting permission. Alternatively – and for women – there is the possibility of a boat trip from where you can see the 20 imposing monasteries.

The seventh reason is Thessaloniki. It is suggested, among other things, to visit the upper city, the Roman, Venetian, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments. The city is so interesting because it is a wonderful combination of modern and old, according to Focus.