Chanel praises Greece
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Chanel praises Greece

Chanel praises Greece in an extraordinary video full with the Greek beauty.

“The sun is in everything here… in the soil… the plants… and it is in its tree, the lentisk… The people here harvest its unique regenerative power. It is something special. Some call it a mystery. It is just life… Maybe that’s why people here live longer. Greece it is all of this and now a part of it is revealed to you”.

These words are heard in the ad that introduces the new product Blue Serum.

A facial serum that takes inspiration from the “blue zones” of the world where people, “share a lifestyle based on four major common factors: a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical activity, better stress management and a close-knit social structure.” The product incorporates select ingredients from these zones to help create a smoother, firmer complexion that appears more youthful. The Chanel website states that research for its serum sourced three longevity ingredients from the diet of the Blue Zones’ populations. Chanel Research carefully selected three locally sourced ingredients from blue zones and uniquely extracted the most potent essences to manage the effects of time. These include Nicoya green coffee; Bosana olives from Sardinia, Italy; and the wild herb lentisk from Greece.