Chalepa’s “Sleeping Female” will be tranfered
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Chalepa’s “Sleeping Female” will be tranfered

Yannoulis Chalepas’ most renowned sculpture, “The Sleeping Female”, at the tomb of Sophia Afentaki at the First Cemetery of Athens will be tranfered at the National Gallery of Athens.

The legendary statue needs immediate maintenance and this is the reason it will transferred, according to the desire of the artist’s heirs. In place of the original work,  a copy of high standards will placed.

Yannoulis Chalepas was the most notable sculptor of modern Greece and his work has been influencing young sculptors in Greece and abroad. Chalepas was born on August 14th, 1851 in Tinos. His father John ran a large family business of sculpting marble together with Yannoulis’s uncle. His parents motivated him to become a merchant. However, Yannoulis decided to study sculpting.

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