Greek village tops 2017 best destinations’ list
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Greek village tops 2017 best destinations’ list

Where should AFAR readers go in 2017? That was the question the team had to answer six months ago, when they started planning and developing the January/February 2017 issue. Led by Associate Editor Aislyn Greene, they opted for a wildly ambitious approach: AFAR’s first full issue devoted to where to go in the year ahead. These 100 destinations have been pitched, analyzed, debated, and, finally, edited into a wanderlust-inducing jigsaw puzzle to explore here. In the top we find a Greek destination. These places are notable for one or more reasons: new hotels; new cultural institutions; more accessibility for American travelers.

AFAR’s team notes: “What’s my number one destination? Last summer, I read a story in the New York Times that stuck with me. Skala Sikaminias is a small fishing village on the Greek island of Lesbos. It garnered attention for the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa who were rescued from small boats by its 100 residents. Since then, the local economy—highly reliant on tourism—has been gutted. I believe that we should act with our tourism dollars and support communities when they need it the most. Which means Skala Sikaminias tops my 2017 list”.

See the whole list:

1.Skala Sikaminias, Greece



3.West Sweden

4.Okinawa, Japan

5.Kyushu, Japan

6.Hokkaido, Japan


8.Puerto Rico


10.Buenos Aires