A Greek among Australia’s most innovative engineers
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A Greek among Australia’s most innovative engineers

A Greek Australian engineer has been included in the list of Australia’s 60 Most Innovative Engineers issued by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering. Published for the first time, the prestigious list showcases the breadth of innovation across multiple disciplines and sectors.

Brisbane-based Dr Kostas Athanasiadis has been recognised for his work on ‘StormDMT’, a patented advanced technology for managing storm water runoff that is generated in urban and industrial areas.

Developed as part of Australian engineering company GHD’s ‘Innovation program’, the technology removes dissolved contaminants, such as nutrients and heavy metals in a cost-effective way.

The idea emerged as part of Dr Athanasiadis’ doctoral thesis, as he studied the properties of different low-cost natural filter media.

GHD Principal Process Engineer Kostas Athanasiadis explains, “Large volumes of water are generated as part of the CSG extraction process, known as Associated Water (AW) or as Produced Formation Water (PFW). Salinity of the AW needs to be addressed before reuse of the water can be considered. Our people are currently involved in research and development projects to assess the feasibility of producing commercially viable salt products such as soda ash and cooking salt from the CSG brine. Additionally, we are involved in engineering designs of regulated waste collection facilities for the management of non-commercial mixture of salts produced during the crystallisation of brine”

CEO Ashley Wright took the opportunity to congratulate Dr Athanasiadis for demonstrating GHD’s commitment to delivering new solutions across its five global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.

“Innovation is at the heart of who we are,” said Mr Wright.

“Our sustained growth and success are built on our ability to deliver imaginative thinking and exceptional service to our clients, and help their businesses adapt to new challenges and opportunities.”


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