Halkidiki beyond the beaches: 10 alternative experiences
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Halkidiki beyond the beaches: 10 alternative experiences

The shores of Greece elicit blissful sighs, even from suntan-averse travellers. Halkidiki – the three-pronged region in Greece’s north – is especially rich in sparkling sands. But it would be a crying shame to head straight for the sunlounger in a region that ripples with vineyards, groans with ancient history and has terrain ripe for diving, kayaking and cycling.
While it would be amiss to skip the beach entirely, these 10 alternatives according to Lonely Planet will tempt you to explore Halkidiki beyond the sun and sand.

1. Take the plunge on a diving course


Why admire the shimmering surface when you can dive straight into it? Have the chance for the chance to glimpse scorpion fish, sea bass and a sea floor fluttering with anemones.

2. Cycle pine forests and rugged hills


On Kassandra, the westernmost tendril of Halkidiki, there are much more rewarding ways to break a sweat than sunbathing. Excursions ply the pine-forested interior of the peninsula. The so-called ‘camel’s hump’ of Kassandra is sure to set thigh muscles screaming, but the agony and burnt rubber are well worth it once you catch sight of the glowing Thermaic Gulf.

3. Explore a yawning cavern

cave petralona

In their hurry to reach the coast, travellers tend to skip Halkidiki’s interior, the great bulge of land before the region tapers into three beach-blessed peninsulas. But this area, with roads carved into the rocky substrate and cypress forests clinging to the hills, makes for a dramatic trip by car. Delve deep (literally) into this ancient land by exploring Petralona Cave

4. Soothe your muscles in a thermal spa


The crystal waters of Kassandra’s beaches are a therapy in themselves, but on its southwestern coast there’s an aquatic experience with even better health benefits. Within the Agia Paraskevi Thermal Baths you’ll find a surgically clean bathing complex fed by naturally toasty spring waters. In addition to public and private bathing areas, there’s a sauna and a hammam to let muscle tension ebb away.

5. Test your survival skills on Halkidiki’s isles


Group sailing and camping excursions will take you to the small islands that glitter between Kassandra and Sithonia. Keep in mind that this is no luxury island hideaway: think survival skills, spear fishing and awe-inducing silence.

6. Kayak into the sunset


If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing into the sunset, you can paddle towards that golden horizon on a kayaking tour.

7. Feast on fresh seafood


Eat like a local by ordering catch of the day at one of Halkidiki’s excellent seafood restaurants; some of the best are in Sithonia.

8. Glamp in a private cove

sithonia bay

A private beach doesn’t have to demand a celebrity budget. Down a steep, dusty road on Sithonia’s northern coast lies  a camping spot so glamorous that even tent-phobics will want to settle for a long stay.

9. Drift through centuries of monastic history

Empires have risen and fallen, but despite centuries of cataclysmic change spiritual activity on Mt Athos has continued serenely for more than a millennium. South of Ouranoupoli on the third of Halkidiki’s peninsulas lies the ‘monks’ republic’. If you’re male, spiritually inclined and undeterred by austere lodgings and a bit of paperwork, with a little advance preparation you can immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of monastic life.

10. Sleep among rolling vineyards



While you’re exploring Halkidiki’s often skipped interior, enjoy the low-key vibe of a stay in one of the region’s excellent family-run guesthouses. The sleepy village of Gerakini is poised where rolling greenery rushes to the sea;