5,000 years of Greek culture
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5,000 years of Greek culture

The exhibition “The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great» will be presented in the National Geographic Museum starting on June, 1st 2016. It is an exceptional journey through 5,000 years of Greek history and culture.

This exhibition features more than 500 priceless treasures—many of which have never been on display outside of Greece. Washington, D.C. is the only east coast museum to host the exhibit. National Geographic Museum will be the 4th and last stop of the exhibition in the U.S. and Canada.

The exhibition was developed in conjunction with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs in Athens, two Canadian museums and the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

Featuring collections from 22 national museums in Greece, THE GREEKS tells the unique story of one of the world’s greatest ancient civilizations. Visitors will encounter the early origins of Greek writing and art from the Cycladic and Minoan cultures of the Aegean, meet the Mycenaean rulers and priestesses, the warriors of Sparta, the heroes, athletes and philosophers of Classical Greece and Alexander, the king that would spread Greek culture throughout the world—giving rise to civilization as we know it. The exhibition explores pivotal moments that led to the birth of Western democracy, modern art, science, medicine, theater and sports.