2 Greek beaches among the best in the Mediterranean
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2 Greek beaches among the best in the Mediterranean

The website travelnpleasure.com published the list with the best Mediterranean beaches. They are known for their unmatched resorts, tropical feel and pristine settings. Thousands of tourists gather around the Mediterranean every year because of its majestic appeal, crystal clear waters and relaxing beach vacations. Beach lovers from all over the world look for the best getaways and they go to Greece, Italy, and other parts of the Mediterranean. Among the 7 beaches featured, 2 Greek beaches have won a spot in the list.

Plaka in Naxos and Agios Gordios in Corfu are among the 7 best beaches in the Mediterranean.

The whole list:

1.Paraggi Beach – Portofino, Italy


Considered as the Italian Riviera’s golden child, Portofino is no doubt one of the best locations on earth when it comes to vacation beach hideaways. The Potifinbo bay is so amazing that it has been recreated – not once but thrice – at Universal Orlando, on New Zealand’s Hibiscus Coast and at Tokyo Disneyland. One of the most frequented beaches in Portofino is the Paraggi Beach. This wonderful destination is easily accessible by boat, train, bus or foot. Thus, Paraggi is one of the best Mediterranean Beaches.

2.Plaka Beach – Naxos, Greece


The Greenest Greek Island known as Naxos is surrounded by fertile valleys and high mountains. It is also full of pristine beaches and remarkable landscape. The Naxos shore is now considered as one of the top destinations for the jet-setting crowd. Plaka Beach is one of the best beaches in this wondrous Greek island and it is very popular for its long and sprawling length of white sand. Behind the beach are sand dunes that also attract visitors. So, Plaka easily makes this list of beast Mediterranean Beaches.

3.Agios Gordios – Corfu, Greece

Agios Gordios – Corfu

Another Greek beach getaway location is Corfu, and it is a small island that boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. One such beach is the Agios Gordios, an unspoiled and tranquil area featuring a truly breathtaking coastline. This is the perfect destination if you want to avoid the holidaying crowd.

4.Carmel Beach – Haifa, Israel

Carmel Beach – Haifa, Israel

Israel may not be considered by a lot of people as a top beach holiday destination, but Haifa is certainly one to put on your list. This Israel territory is surrounded by waters on three sides and it has the ideal peninsular locale. Carmel beach is known as one of the best beaches in Haifa and it boasts of a mesmerizing length of turquoise water. This public beach offers the amenities needed by visitors like shower and bathroom facilities, restaurants, cafes, and juice stands. This might be a surprise inclusion in this list of best Mediterranean Beaches. But if you ever get a chance to visit this beach, you are going to know how beautiful it is.

5.Port Grimaud Beach – France

Port Grimaud Beach – France

Yacht enthusiasts can never say no to the beauty of Port Grimaud Beach in France. This place is conceived in the 1960’s by Francois Spoerry and up to this day it is retains the canals and the Italian inspired islands. The exotic appeal of this French region is what attracts visitors to come year after year. This beach also offers camping site, making it an ideal destination for family beach getaways.

6.Plage de Bestouan – Cassis, France

Plage de Bestouan – Cassis, France

Another popular French destination is Cassis and it used to be a humble fishing village but now, it is a good contended as one of Mediterranean’s most beautiful beach towns. It may not have the glamour and glitz of its neighbours St. Tropez, Cannes or Nice, but Cassis has the Plage de Bestouan, the only beach in this area that earned the Blue Flag seal of approval because of high quality of its environment and water.

7.Giardini-Naxos Beach – Taormina, Italy

On Sicily’s east coast lies Taormina, the best beach town in southern Italy. This place is home to artists, jet-setters and beachcombers, and for the last 60 years it creates that unique cross-section that makes it a success that it is today. On the south part of Taormina is the Giardini-Naxos beach – a long and sandy beach ideal for swimming and other water activities.