The National Archaeologican Museum presents the “Alexandrian queen”
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The National Archaeologican Museum presents the “Alexandrian queen”

The Unseen Museum is the successful action of the National Archaeological Museum which displays antiquities selected from the museum’s storage. Every 2 months an object is presented to visitors for the first time and unfolds the story of its unknown history.

7 items have already been presented so far and this time the Museum presents an “Alexandrian queen”. This is a portrait of basalt stone of Arsinoe II, Queen of Thrace, Macedonia and Egypt. Her life exceeds even the most imaginative fiction. The “Alexandrian queen” emerged Monday, March 21 in the “altar room” (room 34) to remain there until Sunday, May 22, 2016.

On 8 and 22 April, as well as April 17 and May 15, at 13:00, archaeologists from the Museum welcome visitors to the showroom and talk to them about the stories and passions of the great Philadelphos Queen of Egypt.