Tracy Spiridakos in new Fox tv series
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Tracy Spiridakos in new Fox tv series

Tracy Spiridakos, the former star of “Revolution” and recurring guest star on “Bates Motel”, has just landed a new role as the lead in FOX’s new drama pilot “Recon”.

She will be starring alongside Alexander Siddig (“Game of Thrones”‘ Doran Martell) as Alexa, an FBI analyst that has to go undercover in a suspected terrorist family. Siddig will be playing her target, a devout Muslim and the father of the family who has no idea of the FBI’s involvement in his life.

The show is being produced by the co-developers and executive producers of “The Vampire Diaries”, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Caroline Dries, another executive producer of “Vampire Diaries”, has written the pilot episode of the show.

Spiridakos was cast in a comedy pilot last year with Adam Brody, which unfortunately didn’t end up getting off the ground. Let’s hope this year’s “Recon” gets a bigger audience in order to become a regular FOX drama.