BBC’s show explores the exotic extremes of Greece
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BBC’s show explores the exotic extremes of Greece

Simon Reeve travels across Greece, from the stunning islands to the mountainous north, his show is featured in BBC 2 and it is called «Greece with Simon Reeve».

Beginning his journey around Greece, Simon Reeve travels from the holiday islands of the Aegean, to the capital city Athens. Getting underwater with a sponge diver, he finds out how the islands became rich. In Lesvos, he learns how the refugee crisis is affecting the country. And on Crete he meets a priest who is also head of the local gun club, and finds out what he and his friends think of Germany. In a tense trip to Athens, Simon explores the effects of the financial crisis on the country.

“My favourite island, though, is not an obvious one. Symi is a tiny island just north of Rhodes that has one of the finest harbours in all the Mediterranean. My wife – who’s obsessed with Greece and even taught herself Greek – introduced me to it and we have been there a number of times; it’s glorious. If I had to live anywhere else aside from Britain, it would be Symi. Current problems aside, they have it pretty good: the way of life, the mentality, the passion, the food … I find it all very appealing. Our days on Symi are always very leisurely. We take water taxis to quiet beaches, eat in local tavernas and go for long walks in the hills. It’s also a good idea to move around a little bit. One of the great travel pleasures is to potter between islands on a public ferry. It’s a wonderful way to see the country” Simon said.